Your host

My name is Hans van Beem and I am your host at Landgut Voigtsmuhle. I love to offer our guests a warm welcome and provide them with whatever service they may need during their stay, so that you will have a memorable holiday on our estate. 


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Every morning I can bring you fresh buns so you can start your day with a nice breakfast. As I am very familiar with the surroundings of our estate, I know almost all the pretty places and activities in the area. I would love to give you some valuable tips and recommendations for during your stay.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact or approach me. Please let me know if you need anything specifically arranged during your stay, like for example renting bikes, renting a boat or getting a fishing license. I would make sure that these will be arranged so you don’t have to worry about anything during your stay. And of course, if you have a complain or problem, I will try to solve these as soon and quick as possible.     


I hope to meet you soon at our beautiful estate, welcome to the Voigtsmühle! 



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Voigtsmühle estate has a continental climate for German terms, in other words, the winters are quite severe and the summers are very hot. At the same time there is very little rainfall, compared to the rest of Germany.

Niewisch 39
15848 Friedland-NL

0(031) 6 2638 0484