Between the vast meadows and the forests you will find our small campsite. Here you can enjoy the quietness and wideness of nature from your own tent, caravan or camper. A swimming pond and a fire place are close by. Trees provide the necessary shade.

You can jump into the water straight from your tent or caravan, sit around the campfire in the evenings and have a breakfast of freshly baked rolls in the morning. This is what people call Holiday!

Some pitches have their own luxurious private sanitary facilities, for the others there is a common sanitary facility. Most of the pitches are provided with an electricity point.



-          Quietness, space, a continental climate and a beuatiful starry sky at night

-          Private sanitary facilities with a luxurious toilet and shower and therefore hot water near your tent

-          Woods where children will love to play

-          A little brook with a sandy beach

-          A swimming pond with fresh, clean water and a lovely beach

-          Fresh rolls delivered to your tent or caravan or a complete breakfast buffet (optional)

-          A common room with wifi, tv and dvd (from 11:00 to 23:00 hrs.)

-          Laundry service

-          A few bikes available at theestate

-          Assistance in arranging rental of bikes or a boat

-          Luxury sauna at about a 10-minutes' walk

-          Restaurants and pubs at about a 10-minutes' walk

-          Restaurants and pubs at about a 10-minutes' walk

-          Hospitable manager who loves to assist you with whatever and whenever you need it, so that you will have a hassle-free holiday




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Voigtsmühle estate has a continental climate for German terms, in other words, the winters are quite severe and the summers are very hot. At the same time there is very little rainfall, compared to the rest of Germany.

Niewisch 39
15848 Friedland-NL

0(031) 6 2638 0484