In an idyllic German valley in the municipality of Friedland, which means peaceful land, you will find “Voigtsmühle”. The un-spoilt area still offers you a lot of space, freedom and peace and quiet. Besides that you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views over a shelving landscape surrounded by forests and lakes. This lush countryside will make you feel at home right away.

On the foundations of the centuries-old water-mill “Voigtsmühle” a new, spacious country house was built with several luxurious apartments. These comfortable apartments can be rented for a short or a longer period. Besides the house, starting in 2010 several cottages and a camping site will be built on the estate of over 100 hectare.

We are convinced that Voigtsmühle will offer you an unprecedented holiday experience.

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When you leave the House you immediately step into the beautiful nature, inviting you to take a tour and enjoy it, whether you want to go by car, motorbike, bicycle or just on foot. Take a walk in or a ride your bike through the estate’s nature and you will likely bump into wild life, like dear, rabbits and various bird species.

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The Estate has a lot to offer to children too. On the fields and in the groves they can play freely: they can ride their bikes, build shacks, gather wood, make a campfire, etc. or swing over the narrow brook that meanders through the land on long ropes. They can build dams with the river stones and there is a small sand beach to relax on and to make sand castles.

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Moreover Voigtmühle is also ideally located for daytrips to historic cities, like Berlin and Dresden. Taking a tour around the lake on your bike, hiking in the Schlaubetal, canoeing in the Spreewald, sailing on the Schwielochsee, relaxing in de Spreewaldthermen or swimming in the largest indoor swimming paradise of Europe, everything is possible and nearby.




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Voigtsmühle estate has a continental climate for German terms, in other words, the winters are quite severe and the summers are very hot. At the same time there is very little rainfall, compared to the rest of Germany.

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