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Voigtsmühle Estate is located in the federal state of Brandenburg, in the middle of grass lands and forests and close to a large lake. It is the ideal environment for active holidays, with lots of possibilities for cycling, walking, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming and sailing. Or just enjoy wandering about all the beautiful sites, historic cities, beautiful nature, picturesque villages and experience the hospitality of the local people.

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Voightsmühle makes an ideal touring base for trips to:

  • Berlin, capital of Germany with  a wealth of historic sites
  • Cultural Dresden
  • Convent of Neuzelle
  • go canoeing in the Spreewald
  • hike in the Schlaubetal
  • the Spreewaldthermen for a relaxing treatment
  • Tropical Island, the largest indoor swimming paradise of Europe

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Voigtsmühle estate has a continental climate for German terms, in other words, the winters are quite severe and the summers are very hot. At the same time there is very little rainfall, compared to the rest of Germany.

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