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The scenery on and around our estate is gorgeous. Vast grass lands alternate with forests and lakes in a shelving landscape. Enjoy it while riding your bike or taking a hike. Besides that there are a lot of beautiful places to visit.

I would like to recommend you the following cities and sites especially:

Neuzelle: You have to go see this! In Neuzelle you will find the most wonderful monastery outside Italy! The convent has a beautiful baroque garden and two churches, of which the St. Marien especially is very impressive. Also you can visit the brewery and the distillery of the convent. If you are lucky you can see the beavers in the pond.
Besides the convent the little shop “Die himmlische Töchter” is worth a visit.
Neuzelle is in the middle of the Slaubetal, which has magnificent nature ideal for wandering around and finding some peace and quiet.
On your way to Neuzelle you can stop a while at the “Knobbeler Stein” in Knobeln. It is the largest boulder in this area.


Beeskow: A nice little town at about 10 km distance from Voigtsmühle. It has a pretty old centre and also the church is worth a visit. There is a very good restaurant near the church called Kirchenklause. You will find it opposite of the oldest house of Beeskow (the tourist information is housed in it). There are a few supermarkets where you could do your grocery shopping and there is a market a few times per week. If you want to enjoy fresh bread and rolls on Sunday just go to the bakery shop of Dreissig. You can find it at the market square. beeskow

Lubenau: This could be your starting point for a “Kahnfahrt” through the Spreewald. This is a trip in an open gondola with benches and tables with a gondolier. You could also rent a canoe and peddle through the beautiful nature yourself. Close to Lübbenau you will find the open air museum “Lehde”, which gives a good impression of the way of living in the Spreewald in the old days. There is also a nice indoor pool with slides and real penguins. Your children will love it.


Burg: Take some rest and relaxation at the Spreewald Therme spa. Enjoy the saunas and the swimming pool which contains water from the Spreewald which is rich in minerals. After that, go to the old station for a drink. If it is not too busy drinks are served by means of model trains.
There is also a small museum about the old days of Eastern-Germany.
Also from Burg you can take a “Kahnfahrt” through the Spreewald. There is less people here than in Lübbenau, especially in the high season, and nature is even more beautiful here.


Streupitz: This is a little town with a pretty church and the only flax mill that is still in use. You will find Streupitz along the road to Burg.


Dresden: A magnificent city. Especially the Altstadt (old city) is impressive. It is a drive of a little over an hour to Dresden, but visiting the Frauenkirche at least once in your live is a must. You can park the car in the parking garage under the square in front of the Frauenkirche. It is a paid parking garage right at the heart of the Altstadt and near the river Elbe. Dresden is also called Tuscany of the North, which is a correct statement in my opinion. I recommend you to take a city tour to see all the pretty sights. You can also sail on the Elbe on a paddle boat to enjoy the beauty of the Elbetal (valley of the Elbe), while having a good meal.


Berlijn: The best way to go to Berlin is by train. Drive to Furstenwalde and the train takes you to the heart of Berlin within half an hour. A day-ticket to Berlin is about € 10 or about € 30 for a family and allows you to travel with public transport in the city as well. You will arrive at Alexanderplatz where you will see the famous “Fernsehturm” (TV tower). From here you can get to every site in the city by public transport, like U-Bahn, S-Bahn or bus.

I would recommend you to take a “hop-on-hop-off” city tour allowing you to see every interesting site, leave the bus at whatever site you would like to visit and then take the next bus to the next site. There is a bus stop behind the Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz.

Tropical islands: At about a half-an-hour drive from Voightsmühle you will find the largest indoor swimming pool in the world. At least… it is the largest hall. The hall is so large that a hot air balloon can fly in it and the temperature is subtropical inside all year. A place you must have seen once in your live.


Niederfinow: Schiffshebewerk, this boat lift is an industrial monument and it is really special. The 80-year-old construction lifts huge ships up to a height of 32 meters. You can experience this yourself during a tour in a passenger ship.


Oranïenburg: Gedenkstatte Sachsenhausen, this former concentration camp today is a memorial and a museum. A visit to this camp will leave a deep impression. oranienburg

Lieberose: Near Sachsenhausen in the community of Jamlitz the memorial street in front of the gathering camp Jamlitz has just been finished. There is also a monument in memory of the victims of World War II and of the victims of the Russian domination. Besides that, Lieberose is the closest city with a large supermarket ( 8 km).


Peitz: In Peitz you can learn about the way in which lignite is won. There is also a small leisure park for children, Teichland, where you will find a summer- toboggan a.o.


Niewisch: The food in the local pub is very good. After diner people usually become very sociable at the bar or outside in the Biergarten. In summer the pub is open every evening of the week and on Saturday there is a special happening, the so-called “Niewischer Kultursommer”. The rest of the year the pub is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings only.

There is also a very good fish restaurant on the campsite at Swielochsee. It has a view on the lake. On sunny days, you can see the sun set in the lake. The restaurant is open every day from May through September (the kitchen is open till 20:00 hrs.). The rest of the year it is open only in the weekend. There is a swimming beach here as well which is freely accessible.



Goyatz: There is a steam engine museum in this city. Also you can take a cruise on the Schwielochsee. The boat leaves from the restaurant Hafenterasse.
In Goyatz the “Cafe am See” is a good restaurant and it is open all year. I can also recommend the take-away pizzas of the small pizzeria. There is also a small supermarket in this town.


Friedland: I think the bakery shop of Friedland is the best in the area. Also there is a small supermarket. For a meal you can go to Burg-Schanke or to the restaurant Friedlander Hof. friedland


Of course you can also choose to just take a walk or go for a ride on your bike closer to the estate to enjoy nature. You will certainly encounter roes, birds of prey, storks and cranes and, if you are lucky, also a fox, otter, weasel or wild boar.

Also a daytrip to Poland by car is possible. You could go see the largest statue of Christ in the world in Swiebodin or visit the city of Zieleno Gora. Or just fill your tank or go to the hairdresser for a low price.

At the estate there are bikes available for a short ride. For a day trip or a longer period bikes can be rented.

For a boat trip you can rent pedalos or a rowing boat at Niewisch.

I wish you a very nice holiday!





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Voigtsmühle estate has a continental climate for German terms, in other words, the winters are quite severe and the summers are very hot. At the same time there is very little rainfall, compared to the rest of Germany.

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